Friday, October 25, 2013

Working the Book, Step 1, Part 3

What situations in my life have returned me to Step One?
Dealing with my parents and my middle sister. I am reminded that I have no power over them much as I may wish otherwise.  I am reminded to be patient and try not to get frustrated because they won't do as I want them to.  I am reminded to find my serenity and not get drawn into the old roles I played.
Dealing with coworkers and managers who have the power to criticize my work.  I need to keep my serenity.  I need to hear the comments and not the shame I attach to criticism.  I need to find a way out of the rage and terror/ anxiety those situations create.
What tools of the Al- Anon proram do I use to find serenity when my life becomes unmanageable?
Meditating on "one day, one hour, one moment" at a time.  If I can remind myself that "this, too, shall pass" and shorten it into breath sized chunks of time where "just for  this breath, it'll all be ok," I can survive for a minute, then an hour, then years.
I remind myself that I don't hafta go it alone. Even if the Great Divine opts out of doing something about it, even just telling Scler or someone about it helps lift the pain. Humans are social creatures.  We need the help of the pack every once in a while.
I tell myself "this is not my burden."  When I find myself trying to fix something for someone, I remind myself that their battle is not my battle.  My battle is my battle.
I use the Serenity Prayer, and listen for the nudge. If I cannot change it, I ask the Great Divine to fill me with serenity.  If I can, I silence the yammer with purpose and do what needs be done.  If I don't get a nudge, I try to hear my inner wisdom.

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